Tuesday, 6 August 2013

weekend fun

After a weekend I'm coming back to work. People are asking if it was restful...
What do you say to that? Do you start explaining that restful and weekend do not coincide in the same sentence anymore after you have kids?
It's always fun, busy, crazy, intense but never restful.
We played, went to parks, went to LEGOLAND, drawn, walked the dog, did laundry, they spilled a jug of detergent all over the floor, read, unpacked kitchen stuff from our recent move, they fought who gets what cup, spilled their juices, cleaned up together, smashed a huge mirror into small pieces at 5am,  run after an ice cream truck, got blue ice creams, and then couldn't wash the blue sticky ice creams off of them in the bathtub... to name a few...

so, at that rate by the end of the day they were dropping asleep and so was I, but as mommies do, I had to stay up to clean up the remainders of the daily activities. Now I know why my
mom would go to bed at 2am when I was little :)

Unbelievably satisfying, yet I can't feel my toes as the weekend is over.