Friday, 2 August 2013

First about the to-dos...

Upcoming is Yuri's birthday.
Here are the things to do.
- Call daycare and ask for list of names of children in his group.
- Talk to him this evening and ask him who he would like to see there
- Get small notepad with a fridge magnet and make a "Countdown to Yuri's birthday" with him.
- Add Alissa, Nicolas, and Ella to the list.
- Call Chuck e Cheese, make reservations
- Prepare invites, set them into cubbies on Tuesday morning with please rsvp note
- By Friday get RSVPs and call Chuck e Cheese to confirm
- maybe I should do a home party with an entertainer??
- get present. The Thomas station he liked at Mastermind.
- should I get the party stuff or is it going to be available at Chucky's ? Find out.