Friday, 2 August 2013

Alissa's feet

Really concerned about Alissa's overlapping toes.
And it's time to act. I've gone through the big intermediate changes that were causing the delay, so I can find the time now.

Found this study... 
Why did doctor insist we don't do anything about it. He said we should wait and if it doesn't correct itself, we'll do surgery... ????!!
She had it since birth, she is still growing, her bones are not fixed yet... Common sense... tape it!
Chinese circus artists used to cripple their children by putting their feet in a bottle so they don't grow and I can't straighten a toe of a baby without a surgery? At least try...

Found these toe trainers on the internet
they seem comfortable, but they are for adults... can't find anything for babies...
it needs to be comfortable and something quick to put on. Her toes already start to hurt, so she cries every time I try to straighten them or massage them. If it will be difficult to handle I just won't use it.
As far as I understand it's about 3 month to fix it. Making her hysterical twice a day for 3 month is not an option.