Tuesday, 9 February 2016

If you are sad, you are not learning

Yuri sings Canadian hymn in the car.
Alissa says "Stop singing. I don't like that noise."
Yuri keeps singing.
Me: "Alissa, you need to ask nicelly"
Alissa: "I can't."
Me: "Why not?"
Alissa: "Because my leg hurts."
Yuri still sings.
Alissa: "Mommy. Yuri is not listening."
Me: "That's because you need to ask nicelly."
Alissa: "I caaaan't"
Me: "Sweety, the conversation is over."
Alissa turns away upset.
Yuri: "Alissa, if you be sad, that means you are not learning. People will be picking on you. I'll stop, because I know you are really upset because you want mommy to hug you."

Once again, I stand schooled by a 6 year old.

How do you do self

- Mommy, why do you have to do everything by yourself?

 - what do you mean, sweety? 

- I want to help you do the things you do for us. 

- You'll help me best if you take care of yourself. 

We all look for things to fix outside. But the best way you can serve the world is by making sure no one has to cover for you. Every little thing you do on the inside saves someone else's energy and effort. Whether it's internal care or physical care, you are the best person to give it to yourself. You know better what you want and how you want it. You are able to free people around you of the responsibility of guessworking your needs.