Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The morning after pill

Alissa has been up all night,  once again. I'm tired, my back hurts and the mood is not in the positive range. So, after all the partying,  she wakes up an hour late, takes her snack (that's my breast), then stretches a huge smile for me and yawns Mamaaa.... then crawls on top of me and covers my nose with kisses. .. at that point, my back doesn't hurt,  I'm full of energy,  wondering what was the proportion of caffeine and endorphins I was hit with just now.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Want to be like bro

Yuri is fairly tolerant to Alissa's requests for every toy he is currently playing with. He gives it up once,  twice,  thrice and then he starts the avoidance cycle. He gently circles around the room or climbs up on top of the sofa so he doesn't have to give up the toy unless she starts crying. She on the other hand is vicious in chasing him for everything he has. She wants to be like him in everything. She dances like him,  walks like him,  wants to wear his jacket and his socks. He is the ultimate idol for his sister.
What I find amazing is that he understands and gives her a chance to do that, and she grows from it while trying to keep up.
So, I'm not worried that she won't have her own opinion. She will get there. But right now she's got something more important - someone to look up to.
PS: the picture is her putting socks on top of her pj's because Yuri wears the big pj's with socks :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

My abusive and loving munchkins

The daily drama and hassle is surely draining. No question. Through all that I'm trying to clean, feed, and educate. But it's not all"growth through struggle" though.
Just recently I realized how healing their smiles and happiness are. I physically feel less tired and more energetic when Yuri yells "Mommy!  I love you! " out of the blue.
I find that I suddenly stop worrying about things when Alissa does her grins and dances to Barney 's song.
They use up my energy and then they give it back ten folds in their own kidly and gentle way.
And that is more then reciprocity,  that's love.