Tuesday, 9 February 2016

If you are sad, you are not learning

Yuri sings Canadian hymn in the car.
Alissa says "Stop singing. I don't like that noise."
Yuri keeps singing.
Me: "Alissa, you need to ask nicelly"
Alissa: "I can't."
Me: "Why not?"
Alissa: "Because my leg hurts."
Yuri still sings.
Alissa: "Mommy. Yuri is not listening."
Me: "That's because you need to ask nicelly."
Alissa: "I caaaan't"
Me: "Sweety, the conversation is over."
Alissa turns away upset.
Yuri: "Alissa, if you be sad, that means you are not learning. People will be picking on you. I'll stop, because I know you are really upset because you want mommy to hug you."

Once again, I stand schooled by a 6 year old.